About Our Fairview Heights Cryosauna

Pro Cryo Plus is founded by Rich Putnick, long time fitness advocate, adjunct professor of strength and conditioning, and cryotherapy fanatic in Fairview Heights. With an unmatched passion for the field, you won’t find a better clinic to dive into injury recovery cryotherapy.

Our Story

ProCryo Plus is the culmination of my life time obsession with health and wellness. I have a simple philosophy to living… the better you feel physically; the better life is. Anyone who has been sick or injured, understands how easily physical health can be taken for granted. When your physical health is not optimal, it is very challenging to have optimal psychological health, since the two go hand in hand. Along with my childhood friend, Collin Gardiner, I have opened a health and cryosauna wellness facility like no other, whose objective is simple, to make people feel phenomenal, both physically and psychologically.

– Rich Putnick